Information in English

Information in English


Fortis is an educational foundation. We act with passion. Our mission is to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and help them to make safe business in hard reality of XXI century. For this purpose we use the new technologies and reasonable European business solutions that may help to avoid the risk in doing business. We also offer the unique program to build personal wealth, security and financial independence.


Board of Foundation

The President of the Fortis Foundation is Mrs Anna Rissmann.



Fortis Foundation is the first organization in Europe that has integrated systems of quality management (ISO 9001), risk management (ISO 31000) and safeness of information management (ISO 27001).
This certification includes:

  • management of volunteers
  • marketing of recommendations
  • educational and training activities
  • designing of modern educational tools and services

The audit was carried out by:


Press information

Fortis Foundation was established on 2nd Sept 2009 as an educational foundation according to the Polish law on foundations (6th Apr 1984 (Dz. U. Z 1991, Nr 6, poz. 203). Registration in The Court was on 3rd Dec 2009).

We invite all the interested individuals and institutions that need support from the Fortis Foundation to contact the foundation.

The Foundation may receive donations from any interested party who wishes to support its educational goals. These goals are carried through their own projects and by supporting initiatives of other individuals, associations and institutions. The concept of financial education means to take comprehensive measures in order to disseminate knowledge on financial issues.

We promote the development of positive habits among citizens that lead to make the right decisions in managing their own personal finances. They are necessary for the implementation of both current and future needs (purchasing their own homes, financing the education of children, etc.).

Financial awareness of Polish society is unfortunately not large. Everyone knows that in 1410 was the famous Battle of Grunwald (First Battle of Tannenberg). However, how many people do know for example, how to calculate the effect of accumulating 100 PLN per month, for the period 14 years, at 10% per year?

The development of financial intelligence and financial education should therefore take place twice – at school and in adult life. This allows us to prevent the situation in which excessive household indebtedness develops to a major family problem causing social exclusion of many citizens.


Effective Business Club

Effective Business Club is an organization for all business people, who are open for bringing welfare to the world. The Club supports entrepreneurs in their efforts to increase the efficiency of their own business operations. At the same time it combines the business activities and the charity.
All Club Members benefit from the discounts on business services. Taking use of the Club offers simultaneously generates funds for charity. Each member receives the Donor’s Certificate.


Good Hearts Club

The purpose of the Good Hearts Club is a financial support. We assist and reinforce the activities and missions of other organizations and associations, whose objectives are close to the Effective Business Club members.We teach the people how to run their own businesses while doing good things. All actions taken in Effective Business Club generate the amount of money to charity. This money is transferred then to the Good Hearts Club and used to support partner’s organizations. Formula of the Club is open. It means, that each supporter of the Good Hearts Club can make proposals on his own and indicate the beneficiaries.